In Taiji practice, the practitioner uses the mind to direct Qi and Qi to direct movement. Motion arises from stillness (Wu Ji); Taiji is characterized by smooth flowing dance-like motion united with Qi Gong, concentration of the mind and the practical application of internal Kung Fu. Seeking stillness in motion and practicing with a high degree of concentration balances the inner and outer and the practitioner reaches into the stage of void: man united with heaven.

Pre-heaven Qi (Yuan Qi) is created from Wu Ji. Taiji's fluid, harmonious, meditative movements train Yin and Yang, and bring balance to the two kinds of inner Qi. Taiji allows us to reach balance and gentleness. Under a good teacher's guidance the practitioner can generate Yuan Qi in the Dan Tien. Through sitting and standing meditation techniques, and cooperative Taiji movement, the Qi can be cultivated into motion. You can improve the quality and quantity of Yuan Qi and its explosive power (Jing), balance Yin and Yang and, further, establish the internal foundation for Taiji sparring and push hands through the practice of Taiji.