We welcome sincere students from all continents and countries and respect the individual's religious, philosophical and cultural heritage.  Our multi-lingual staff and teachers provide the very best Wudang Internal Kung Fu training to the most diverse base of students.  We welcome the dedicated student to our family and design their individualized training program based on their personal goals and objectives.  We take into consideration the student's current physical, emotional and spiritual development and needs, and their proposed length of stay to design an achievable but challenging course of study.

The Academy uses traditional teaching methods adapted to this modern world.  We offer a buffet of Wudang Taoist culture; the depth and breadth of which is tailored to the individual student.  For the student who wants to spend two years developing their Kung Fu skills we offer a systemized approach to achieving teaching certification. For the student who wishes to spend two weeks focusing on Nourishing Life practices or two months on Internal Alchemy, personal development and cultivation we similarly have adaptable systems of instruction.  We recognize that students come to us from all walks and at all stages in life and strive to create an environment to support them in their journey of exploration, learning and personal development.