Tai Yi Wuxing (Five Element) Chuan

25 routines with about 81 movements in all. As an important school of Wudang internal Kung fu, Taiyi is somewhat similar to Wudang Tai Chi. It was established by Master Shouxing, who was of the Longmen Sect of Wudang Taoism in the Ming Dynasty. It combines the 13 styles of Tai Chi Chuan, the Five-Animal Exercises of Hua Tuo (a famous doctor of the Han Dynasty) and Dao Yin (Taoist Yoga) in terms of breathing, regulating, striking and defense. Theoretically, it lays more emphasis on the application of Yin-Yang and Five Elements, so the layout resembles the frame proclaimed by Yin-yang and the five elements theory.


When practicing, the mind-will is more important than strength, and, transforming to adapt to circumstances is more effective than direct resistance. It requires that the heart-mind and breathing accompany each other, and that the waist move in harmonious correspondence with the motion of the hipbones.


nbsp;sg�dnp���f�e improved health, increased energy, reduced stress, a revitalized mind and body, improved balance, and an overall sense of well being.