Travel Information

Wudang Mountain, located in Shiyan City prefecture, in western Hubei Province, is about 2 hours by car from the nearest airport, but has its own railway station.

Travel to China: 

To travel to Wudang from outside of China, it is best to fly into either Shanghai or Beijing. From these cities, the traveler has the option of flying or traveling by train.

Taking the train from Beijing or Shanghai is the most convenient method of travel to Wudang.  The trip is around 20 hours, but the soft sleepers can be quite comfortable. The destination town by train is Wudangshan. Train travel from Wuhan in Hubei Province is around 5 hours.  Train travel within China can be booked via:

China Air Travel: 

Xiangfan has the airport closes to Wudang. If no flights are available to Xiangfan, you may want to consider flying into Shiyan. From either of these cities, you can then travel by bus or taxi to Wudang. Alternately Wuhan is approximately five hours by train from Wudang. Air travel within China can be booked through

Visa:  Visas are required for foreigners to travel to China.  The visa application form is available through the Chinese Embassy website at:


Make sure that all travel arrangements are clearly communicated to the Academy at the earliest possible date to make sure that there are no complications in your travel.  Taxis from Shiyan or Xiangfan to Wudang can be arranged by the Academy.