Training Equipment and Facilities

The Academy has a wide array of weapons and training equipment for the students to use.  Many students opt to purchase their own swords, if they are focusing on any of the Wudang sword forms.




While most training is conducted out of doors, the Academy has indoor training space that is also used for sparring and practice during inclement weather..


And in the outdoor area, in addition to the main courtyard practice space we have a stretching bar and stairs.

Sleeping Accomodations

The Sanfeng Academy provides a variety of accommodation options.  Most rooms are designed for double occupancy.  Some have private baths and other rooms are arranged in suites with a shared bath for the suite.  The Taihe building also has several rooms with full size beds for couples and rooms with three beds.

The building is of recent construction and has lots of light and fresh air.  

The rooms are also equiped with heat and air conditioning.


The rooms at the back of the building look out over the orange groves.

Meeting and Classroom Space

The Academy has classroom and meeting space in which to conduct English language classes for the Competition Team, theory and philosophy lectures and more.

Dining Facilities and Meals

Meals at the Academy are prepared in a modern Chinese kitchen and include at least two vegetable and one meat dish at every meal.  Meals are served community style.  Students are responsible for washing their bowls and chopsticks.