The Wudang Sanfeng Sect 108-form Taiji includes 8 parts and 108 movements. This form originated from Zhang Sanfeng's first disciples, and it’s based on the original shorter 13-form Taiji only with some variations.

This form is known exclusively in the Wudang Mountains. It is a tradition that all Wudang monks are to learn this form. This is different from the 13 form, which is usually only passed down to the senior Monk in every generation from each of the eight major temples on the mountain.


The most important thing for the practicer of this form to remember is to be as relaxed as possible and keep a slow pace, as it is a very long form and should take approximately thirty minutes to perform. Every movement can be used either as an attack or defense, and the basic energy center for all of these movements is the abdominal region, known as the Dan Tian in Chinese.