Wudang is the birthplace of Taiji Quan, a practice created by Great Master Zhang Sanfeng more than 700 years ago. Based on the theories of Yin, yang & five-element, Emptiness-Solidity combination, Tu, Na, Cai, Bu as theory, the essence of Taiji Quan is consistent with human life being in harmony with nature: natural and smooth, like floating clouds and flowing water. Taiji Quan’s continuous, flexible and natural characteristics attract the eyes of and promote the well-being of mankind. Wudang Neijia Quan, a mystical practice which combines martial arts and nourshing life cultivation, has the characteristics of softness overcoming hardness, stillness overcoming motion, four ounces overcoming 1000 pounds. It is the vital essence of Chinese Wushu and a treasure of oriental culture.

Today, tens of millions of people all over the world practice Taiji Quan & Nejia Quan, benefitting from the legacy of the great master Zhang Sanfeng, Our mission is to teach Taiji Quan in a standardized and systematic way so that Taiji Quan may bestow all people with vibrant health and long life. We are united around the 14th generation Wudang San Feng Pai Master to learn Taiji Quan together, to research and improve the practices of Taiji Quan & Neijia Quan, and to promote Taiji Quan all over the world through activities that include instructor training, competition, seminar and video study.

Your membership in the Wudang San Feng Pai Friendship Association will help us to develop many instructors and make history, as we work together to promote Wudang Sanfeng Pai and bring peace, happiness and longevity to mankind. Through our work together, Taiji Quan will continue to serve as a bridge of friendship for people all over the world. Our hope is that the earth will become a pure land full of harmony, peace and longevity and that Taiji Quan will be a key element in achieving this goal.