Stillness is the root of the Tao.  Meditation is the key practice for internal transformation.  In stillness we allow the regeneration of the Jing, Qi and Shen – essence, energy and spirit.  In meditation we bring the mind into single threaded thought and allow the natural process of internal cultivation to progress.  In seated meditation we cage the monkey and tie up the wild horses, bringing both body and mind into the clear and quiet space which supports the regeneration of the Three Treasures of the Body, allowing healing, rejuvenation, transformation so that we can move through the stages from ordinary mortal to extraordinary human, immortal on earth and, eventually, immortal in heaven. 

Zhang Sanfeng cultivated stillness at Wudang for many years, ultimately becoming an immortal.  The Sanfeng Pai has kept his cultivation techniques alive for over 600 years.  Only recently have these techniques been taught outside of the Taoist Temples.  We teach them with the awareness that they are a true treasure of humanity that provide the key to health, longevity and immortality.