61 postures in all. This work is a treasure of the Wudang Eight Immortal School which is only handed down secretly to specially-nominated disciples. It was created in reference to the features of the eight Taoist immortals, namely, Zhong Hanli, He Xiangu, Lu Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, Lan Caihe, Cao Guojiu, Tie Guaili, and Zhang Guolao. It is told in legend that Zhong Hanli undid her clothes to sleep; He Xiangu caught the stars and the moon with her cudgel; Lu Dongbin seemed to get drunk; Han Xiangzi played the flute; Lan Caihe painted flowers; Cao Guojiu recited poetry; Tie Guaili descended from the clouds with one leg; Zhang Guolao rode a donkey facing backwards. From such descriptions, people can vividly visualize how this cudgel play presents its contents.

nbs�J&b���� to the sides, two tulwars; and behind, a rake is supplied; and in addition to the combination of the three, a cudgel is in the middle communing with the three. The main movements for this weapon are pricking, liao (upper cutting), mixing, and raking.