It contains 13 routines and 60 postures in all. It is believed to be the authentic Taiji Chuan handed down by Master Zhang Sanfeng. Because it contains 5 steps and 8 positions, it is also called Taiji Mu Boxing. Wudang Taiji Chuan applies the soft to overcome the hard, stillness to restrain movements. It reacts later but takes the upper hand first, thus it is a good way for body strengthening and self-defense. By practicing it, people can transform strength (Jing) into internal energy (Qi), then into Shen, so that it makes up for weakness and cooperates with the Tao. It combines Wushu with health-preservation and can achieve the purpose of gaining longevity, becoming more intelligent and stronger.


The process of practicing can be classified into 3 stages: Jing cultivation; Qi cultivation; Shen cultivation. The main cultivation methods include inhaling and exhaling to regulate breath, assisting external force to make up for internal force; standing on stakes to strengthen balance. The main movements are straight blows, pressing, jostling, picking, arraying, elbowing and so on. When practiced well, it flows very smoothly by following, connecting, pasting, and striking. To practice it well requires peace of mind. Besides, practitioners have to bow the chest but straighten the back, relax the shoulders and lower the elbows. What is more, these all have to be done naturally. Wudang Taiji boxing incorporates movements with stillness. The internal work and external work contain each other, making it is an easy method for health-preservation.