The Eight Brocades

The Eight Brocades are a set of qigong exercises that originated in China and are practiced throughout the world. They are also known as the Eight Silken Movements, The Eight Treasures Dao-yin, The Eight Pieces of Silken Brocades, Baduanjin, or Pa Tuan Chin. Whatever the name, they are a set of qigong movements that date back thousands of years.

Just as there are many names of the Eight Brocades, there are various names for each of the movements and a variety of styles. You will also notice seated and standing versions of the movements. Remember, these movements have been passed down through the years, with each master having a slightly different style. 

The Eight Brocades are most ofter considered a medical qigong exercise set. You will see similarities between the Eight Brocades and the first eight movements of the Eighteen Hands of the Lohan, which are a set of exercises taught to Buddhist monks at the Shaolin Temple in China. Because of this similarity, you will also read that the Eight Brocades are a martial arts qigong.

It is suggested that you do the entire set at least once per day. Go at a pace and do the number of repetitions which matches you fitness and health level. Gradually, work up to eight repetitions of each movement. By completing these qigong movements, you should notice improved health, increased energy, reduced stress, a revitalized mind and body, improved balance, and an overall sense of well being.