Taoist Philosophy has guided Chinese society for over 3000 years. People incorporate it into their ordinary lives and find joy and happiness in the infinite well of the present moment. They learn to let life take its own course: to follow nature; to do nothing and to leave nothing undone; to merely look at their own emotions as if they were mere decorations and not to allow themselves to be consumed by them; to accept who they are and to accept whatever is coming.


They learn not to persecute themselves and not to become victims of their own situations. They learn to entertain life with joy and to have compassion, love and mercy toward the world: the illusion of the physical world. They find unity in the contradictory nature of reality and see the two sides of the same coin simultaneously. They learn to keep this contradictory view of reality in the center of the cosmos and thereby gain control of their own lives forever. This is only a small window into the wondrous wealth of mystical Taoist philosophy.